John Lardson (1587-1663) was a respectable man who worked as a Larditition. Although he spent much of the day with test tubes and lard in his laboratory, he always made sure he had time for family.

Work Edit

John always worked from sunup to sundown on lard. He was continually looking for new ways to use the beloved fat compound in our daily lives. Contrary to popular belief, Lardson did coin the phrase "centimillilaraconmastercardfarmingtooodlesandnoodlesdelarfojohnnie- langhorneldarthokalarmaricalcularotamfagrogycantsellulosecerebralsantillianso,"

which has remained the most common synonym for lard to this day. Many people believed that it was Henry Nash that first used that phrase. Nash began regularly using the phrase after John, once a close friend, told him of such.


John was married to Melinda Lardson. They had three children: Bob, Joe, and Hank.